Van Condensed font family has three weights: Light, Regular, Bold, all of them with an oblique version. The letters have a low contrast and the x-height is medium, the ascenders and descender strokes are long which improve leading. This characters don’t have any stress between thick and thin strokes because they have a geometric and linear structure with round corner’s. During 2015 this typeface was upload to version 0.3 with new typeface features: Cyrillic and Greek characters, different figures, more ligatures, small caps, diacritic characters, superior and inferior script. The associated Dingbats (included in the family package) complement this family and have the same round treatment like the typeface.  Van Condensed Hebrew was published 2022.


Sans-Serif, Display, Condensed, Rounded, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Neutral, Geometric