This humanist sans-serif typeface was exhaustively designed, full-featured typeface family that reveals its character and distinctiveness in complex settings. It features a large complement of ligatures, lining and old-style figures, expert characters, dingbats (arrows, brackets, and symbols for both Regular weights). The letterforms are humanist, with “hooked head” terminals, the characters contain medium contrast with a left-angled stress on the strokes. The other font family version Lisboa Sans lacks the hook-head terminals, but its structure and proportions are the same. The ample x-height and the openness of the letterforms make this face very legible at small sizes. The type family has real italics, not sloped romans. They slightly less open and narrower than the roman, which provides a good balance between the two styles. After ten years from the first version publication, this new version (0.2) is available with Latin (Western, Central Europe) Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. It was selected as one of “Our Favorite Fonts” from (Typographica) 2005. 


Sans-Serif; Humanist, Display, Lisboa, Hook Head, Dingbats Calligraphic, Dingbats, Latin, Non-Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Tamil, Hebrew


lisboa01lisboa04[1] Available weights (Extra Light, Light, Book, Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold and Heavy).

[2] Latin characters (Lisboa Regular).

[3] Greek characters.

[4] Cyrillic characters.

[5] Lisboa Tamil is an Indic script, spoken in southern India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Latin transliteration characters were also included.

[6] Lisboa Hebrew is base on the same design as the original Lisboa (Latin). The main structure is more close to the Sephardic proportions, where the letterforms contains reverse contrast and the terminals following the same calligraphic approach. There are some characters and figures designed as small caps which have the same proportions from Hebrew. Latin transliteration characters were also included.

[7] Detail differences between Lisboa and Lisboa Sans typefaces.

[8] Roman and italic (bold weights).

[9] Lisboa Dingbats (Free Download).