This font family is display sans-serif with different stylistic layers available as open type font. The main characters are geometric and neutral but when we change the contextual alternates open type feature the letterforms activate the cursive stylish set. The word composition is divided by initial, medial and final forms, available for all uppercase and lowercase, the diacritics for Latin encodings (Western and central Europe and Baltic countries) are available. However the contextual alternate features (cursive mode) can only work on Adobe CS Indesign and Illustrator softwares. This typeface also has uppercase swash and stylish alternates. A large group of discretionary ligatures are also available to improve better legibility and readability on specific characters combinations, giving a natural and simple solution. There are also stencil versions available.


Sans-Serif, Display, Rational, Neutral, Geometric, Latin, Cursive, Swash, Discretionary Ligatures, Contextual Alternates